Social Video Content for the scientific community

Social Video Content for the scientific community

Consumption of video is at its highest level ever, projected to claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019, particularly with digital comms shifting from desktop/laptops to mobile and tablet.

Content marketers from all industries should embrace these changes, when thinking about content type and format upon which audiences are viewing and searching for their material.

As many as 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video as one of their first sources of additional information when trying to assess not only what you provide as a service or product, but also how reputable you are as a company, and brand.

Video makes the complex simple. In the scientific community, this can make all the difference. Video is a platform in which you can convey complex information and data sets, perfect for demonstrating a product’s application and benefits. It is also one of the best ways for communicating human stories about your brand and the team behind it.

Video marketing is an essential component for scientific organisations to get their messages in front of physicians, lab technicians, QC and procurement teams without having to make an appointment.

Medicine is mobile

Physicians, for example are constantly on the move, walking and talking, discussing their latest findings with colleagues and peers. Technicians are in the lab environment developing new approaches, and striving for excellence in their research and outputs.

MediaPost highlighted that most physicians rely on their mobile devices precisely because they have to move constantly to fulfil their daily duties, spending upward of 180 hour per week watching video content. Smartphones and tablets are ways for physicians to stay connected while on the go, and these tools are ideal for pharmaceutical companies, to deliver their messages through video.

The scientific community embraces social media

A big draw for social media in the scientific community is that it offers the opportunity for practitioners to freely – and anonymously – discuss a wide range of topics and get peer insight. At the same time, several pharmaceutical companies are able to use the social insight to engage with and educate end practitioners and decision makers about their products.

Coupling video and social outreach can offer up a powerful tool across the spectrum of audience you are looking to drive awareness, and engagement amongst, while allowing you to constantly collect feedback and data points for future engagement.

Within your videos, you should be looking to transmit the following:

Your higher purpose as a brand and company

Focus in on a relevant topic of interest to your audience (and your business)

Offer an opportunity for your to get more information

Use of narration helps the viewer listen along, and supporting this with the inclusion of context - a relevant and qualified person in the shot, or indeed the environment in which the product can be applied, will make it even more attachable to the end viewer.

Remember, within video you have more than one ‘layer’ of information to communicate with:

  1. What the viewer sees in the footage you have captured
  2. Voice over/narration (potential for sub titles also)
  3. Animation to support the images being discussed or shown on screen
  4. The soundtrack which sets the pace and energy of the piece

In the ever changing world of Digital Marketing, even the most established companies should adhere to the shift in the incredibly accessible medium of video marketing, showing pro-active approaches to engage with audiences where they prefer to see your brand.

Check out the results from the recent rich media project we completed for our client LGC, showcasing their state of the art facility in Germany which emphasises quality product as well as quality service to its customers here.