Social Video Marketing will be the big player in 2017

Social Video Marketing will be the big player in 2017

There has been a shift in Digital Marketing over the last few years where traditionally EDM’s and Website refreshes have been taken over by Social Media campaigns with good social video storytelling.

This is fast becoming the best mechanism and most shareable content available to build strong impactful brand awareness. When was the last time you shared a good email – compare that with when you last tagged or shared a post containing a video on social media?

Rather than checking or browsing through a sales email, audiences are more likely to sit on social media in their spare time, taking in all the information displayed to them in their news feed. According to, there are now 2.3 billion active social media users with an average of 5 social accounts per person on different networks. They highlight that a user of social media will check their account on average 7 times per day.

To build a strong campaign using social and video the brand would require each and every piece of content and storytelling to work across all channels – not specifically built for one and unusable by another. Each piece created should ladder back up to the main campaign strategy creating fuller insights and strong analytical results.

If you were to take John Lewis’s #BusterTheBoxer campaign for instance, this was the most shared ad of 2016 featuring emotional intelligence and great storytelling. According to Unruly, this video alone has 1.9 Million shares since its release in November 9th. Why was it so successful? Well everyone does wait for the John Lewis Christmas ad, but a good solid story, emotional play and great choice of music are only some of what we see as a key ingredient in this success. By humanising the character with a name along with his own Hashtag, John Lewis achieved a fully integrated video.

We believe social video marketing will be an even bigger player in 2017, get in touch with us now .