Video Marketing - The compulsory content format for Brand Engagement

Video Marketing - The compulsory content format for Brand Engagement

In the recent years video marketing has become an increasingly important part of a business’s content marketing strategy. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are increasingly pushing for video content, as it is an effective way for attracting consumer attention and meaningful engagement. Additional benefits can be seen from Google’s prioritisation of the medium when allocating SEO relevance to websites who adopt it, particularly when you include YouTube into the mix (Google do love their own tools being used). For a brand, producing and sharing video content has a multitude of benefits, which can translate into added value and improved returns. Below we have listed key reasons for why video should be regarded as a compulsory content format within your digital marketing strategy.

Quickly educate prospective customer about who you are and what you can offer them

Firstly, video content can help you showcase your expertise within your field. Videos are a great way to show your customers what you do and how you do it, allowing you effectively educate your audience about your brand and it’s products and services. This is particularly effective for products and services that are experienced as complicated or hard to explain, as the visual support can help you break down the core benefits into simple steps. Video content can also improve your brand awareness, as video has been shown to be a more memorable form of content than for example written articles. It is also a more engaging rich media form, allowing you to tell your brand’s story in a personal way that captures your audience’s emotions.

Video makes you more relevant in the eyes of Google and Facebook

Video content accounts for a lot of traffic, allowing a wide audience to be exposed to your brand messages. It also has significant SEO benefits, as relevant good quality video content will boost your search engine rankings. Besides this, sharing videos on social media also has notable benefits. For example Facebook aims to promote meaningful interaction between people, making those who interact regularly more visible to their audience than those who are very inactive on Facebook. Thus to ensure your brands visibility on Facebook, you need to create content that fosters engagement. The many forms of social video, such live video, can help you stand out from your competition.

Video helps you to quickly demonstrate value

In order improve brand engagement, you need to create video content that demonstrates value to your audience. The first few seconds of your video are crucial to grab the attention of a quick scroll social attitude, as it helps the consumer determine if they are going to stop and spend time watching your video, or if they are going to swipe forward on their social media feed. As an example, Facebook and Instagram autoplay videos on mute by default, meaning perhaps subtitles are something worth considering. Besides this, you need to ensure that the video and its message are considered good quality, as creating and sharing bad quality videos with an unclear message can ultimately hurt your brand. 

Example of successful engagement through video

So what does an engaging and good quality video look like? A recent example would be the “Who is Gregory and Gregory?” campaign by the British bakery chain Greggs. In this video the bakery chain goes undercover to a high-end foodie festival and changes it’s name to ‘Gregory and Gregory’. The video captures people’s reactions to the deli-style food they serve, and then later reveals that the food is actually from Greggs, and ‘Gregory and Gregory’ was a made-up name. 

The video can be considered a success as it is both entertains the viewer and informs customers about Gregg’s new summer range. It also reinforces the Greggs brand as good quality and it reaches out to new audiences;  to those who would not have previously considered going into a Greggs store. Besides this, the video is memorable, and the 32K views within the last month illustrate that the video has notable reach, increasing Greggs’ brand awareness. 

Today, video content can be regarded as an important part of your content marketing strategy. Therefore, if you are looking to boost your brand engagement, or find ways to reach new audiences for your marketing messages, producing and sharing high-quality video can help you reach your marketing goals!

The DP Team.


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