Arcadia wanted a creative platform and media plan to reach an audience of HR and PA managers in order to sell, on bulk, their Arcadia corporate gift card as an option for companies to reward and incentivise their staff.


We developed a visual identity to run across all collateral - this included offline and online display ads, banners and sky scrapers.

We then designed and built eDMs for broadcast(x3)per campaign with the increasing ‘urgency’ within the messaging as we got closer to Christmas/Summer. 

This was also coordinated with the sub brands in the group(e.g.Miss Selfridge) to create joined up approaches. 


The results of running this campaign included, an average increase of 2% CTR on display ads with a 24% open rate of eDMs. 

More importantly this drove an uplift of circa 220% off site traffic to the enquiries page during the campaign period also re-engaging existing clientele from previous lists.

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