Graebel -The Brexit Consortium


‘The Brexit Consortium’ campaign aimed to drive discussion amongst Senior Global Mobility and HR Leaders when considering the impact of Brexit in multiple areas of their Mobility programme planning, specifically Tax, Immigration, Employment Law and Relocation. DigitalParade were tasked with developing the campaign branding and creative wrapper, as well as developing content to drive online discussion and attendance towards the headline event, which was hosted at The House of Commons. This in turn was intended to position insideMOBILITY (Graebel) as thought leaders on the Brexit conversation amongst the UK, EU and extended global business mobility audiences.


Streamlining the creative ID across all campaign channels, we developed a series of thought leadership blog content hosted on the client’s website, which included contributions from key campaign partners PwC, DLA Piper, B.A.L and Graebel. This was complimented by video interviews conducted at Parliament Square with the partners, offering a first hand perspective to audiences and prospective attendees of the headline event. 

All content was shared amongst partners for distribution, as well as across the client’s social media channels, focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter. The agency also seeded in key content pieces to existing conversations taking place on social amongst British and EU business and Mobility communities discussing the impact of Brexit. 

The focal point of the campaign and main element was to drive awareness of the event as well as positioning insideMOBILITY as an opinion leader in the space. The event itself, which we captured on video was hosted by Lord Callanan, Minister of The Department for Exiting the EU, as well as Member of Parliament, Gareth Johnson. 


In total, the campaign spanned across 12 weeks of activity. Via our social media campaign we achieved over 60,000 organic impressions with over 1,200 engagements on all posts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The number of registrations for the event at The House of Commons exceeded space available by over 35% meaning that we had a huge demand with 110+ attendees, leaving standing room only. This also marked the largest client side attendees to any insideMOBILITY event.