Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement

We learn and adapt content based on audience reactions, changes in market trends and we’re careful to constantly ensure we are laddering back to your business objectives. We use both ‘native’ and ‘third party’ social media measurement tools to track impact across your full social media estate. Typically we present this back in a regular report to inform performance and optimisation efforts.

Within social media performance measurement we typically track the following key indicators:

  1. AWARENESS :We build the audience for your brand to increase followers and brand mentions on social media.
  2. ENGAGEMENT :The levels of interaction (likes, shares, comments, link clicks) achieved with your content that is published from the main social media channels and indeed those of staff accounts that discuss the brand
  3. AUDIENCE RELEVANCE: Manual qualitative analysis of those engaging with you, coupled with demographic metrics assists in validating that you are reaching your desired audiences as part of the social media programme

We benchmark performance and use this information to refine content creation and strategic approach

  • We’ll see what channels are working best using consolidating tools such as buffer and BuzzSumo
  • We use A/B testing on paid promotion to optimise advertising using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads analytics platforms
  • We correlate content that boosts in website traffic using Google analytics