Adidas Break Free – The student viral video rejected by the brand.

Adidas Break Free – The student viral video rejected by the brand.

Working for a Digital Agency who specialise in content, social, video and web often has its highs and lows. Along with the big wins come a few ‘nos’.

Put yourself in the shoes of Eugen Merher, a student filmmaker who decided to create a ‘Break Free’ video concept using good emotive storytelling based on a pair of Adidas running shoes.

The film features an aging marathon runner living in a retirement home, unhappy with his day-to-day life, suppressed by the management of the care home.

While the ad has a few flaws – the over the top controlling management of the retirement home and its desires to keep its inhabitants from the outdoors, ‘Break Free’ has a pleasant piece of storytelling, built around an idea which positions the brand as the impetus for a fundamental change in the ad’s hero. Sure, it doesn’t show off Adidas’ latest model but it helps the brand stand out a good deal more than yet another anthem ad about ignoring the doubters and achieving greatness.

As an agency who specialise in integrated, strategic Video Marketing and the tangible results each video can bring and produce on each platform, social or web, we can see the likelihood that this video had all the ingredients to go viral; and appeal to the masses. This age and moment will come to us all at some aspect in life so we an all relate.

According to the Independent, The Huffington Post reached out to 26-year-old Mr Merher about the advert. He tried to get in touch with Adidas, but didn’t hear back.

“We tried sending it to [Adidas’] communications department but they didn’t really react.”

SO why did Adidas reject this?

The answer is simple. They didn’t see it working. With a huge backing from viewers of the video, almost 10 million views on YouTube and number 20 in the top most trending videos this month, I they were wrong. Come on Adidas, admit rejecting this twice was a mistake.