Apple - “innovating” or catching up?

Apple - “innovating” or catching up?

'The biggest leap forward in mobile technology' A bold claim by Tim Cook's Apple, stating their iPhone X supersedes anything that is out in the market today. But is it really?

On launch day, their biggest punch to competitors ‘FaceID’ failed to work, ‘your face is not recognised’. How secure will this be or can it simply be bypassed with someone holding a photo to the scanners?

'An upgrade to OLED displays', well this has been a standard offering by competitors for many years taunting apple for not coming out with this sooner with Samsung already having bigger OLED screen displays on the market.

'Wireless Charging', with faster charge is also available, but only with the wire.

Really Apple? Where has the innovation gone or are we simply happy to create Samsung phones a year or two later.

So why exactly is the new iPhone X priced in the £1000 region? The jury is out on that one. They claim to have a higher production cost but rather than take the hit, they aim to deliver the same high profit margins of past iPhones for their shareholders.

The role of an agency is pivotal more than ever when looking at these tech releases. Planners and creative teams are going to have to weigh up the use of native AR capabilities versus agnostics apps like Blippar. Development teams will now need to look at the resolution of not only the new iPhone 8 releases in an iOS 11 environment, but also a full screen 5.8 iPhone X OLED IOS 11 environment. Our QA department have already pre-ordered all 3 iPhones ready to test existing and new client developments.

Apps will need to be rebuilt to support all the different hardware elements such as ‘Apple Pay’. With no touch recognition, will this work with your face or will there be an element on the screen capable of handling fingerprints…or have apple forgot about this completely when designing the phone?

The iPhone is a phenomenal 'life extension' that looks great It comes with a stunning image display, and features some pretty awesome new tech that’s definitely going to become a mainstay for future iterations.

The problem is, so many sentences talking about the great new things found in the iPhone X either start and end with “For an iPhone.”

“For an iPhone, it’s camera is truly ground breaking.”

“This OLED display is revolutionary for an iPhone.

Can it touch the Samsung Note 8 in terms of hardware of features? Probably Not.

So where will Apple get their edge. iOS 11 seems to be Apple's main point of differentiation. A fully customisable control centre, 3D touch integration, Apple Pay integration with iMessages, Learning Tools, AR integration and much more.

Whats our next phone then?

The iPhone X of course.