Diadora - too late...or perfect timing?

Diadora - too late... or perfect timing?

In the past ten years, we've seen our love affair with all things retro hit us like a sledge hammer to the face, reminding us that our misspent youth was in fact, probably ok.

With music reprisals from bands like Take That, The Stone Roses and now Calvin Harris brining 'funk' back into the mainstream (Heatstroke), the music industry is doing it's part to fire the memory archives into action.

Classic sportswear fashion brands are also realising the value of heritage amongst a now cash rich 'grown up' audience, with the likes of Sergio Tacchini, Elesse, FILA and Champion making their way back into our high-street (and boutique) sports apparel stores.

Yet another classic brand, Diadora has come sniffing for some of that loot! But - is it too late to arrive at the party, of have they let the dust settle on the busy market, and come in at the right time? AND - is there room for more?

Diadora pride themselves on being the only Italian athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer to still make some of its products in Italy. They've shot themselves back into our consciousness adopting all the digital tools they have at their disposal. With a mobile optimised, user friendly website, which showcases the right mix of retro (to lure the punters in) and their more progressive/modern styles, they're making it pretty easy to pick up a bit of kit www.diadora.com

Maintaining their strong roots as a pure sports engineering brand with their social media content across Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, they are giving their original fans the right types of engaging content (know your audience) while also opening it up to a whole new generation; something that is prevalent in their messaging - "A new generation is taking on the terrace style".

We like the direction Diadora are going in, and are keen to see how this classic brand, which is loaded with potential, further blends the original and the present on their content streams, to cement their place in the market for the next decade and beyond!

Let's just hope popper tracksuit bottoms don't make a come back.

Team DP.