Facebook - the unsociable social network?

Facebook - the unsociable social network?

When you scroll through your timeline on Facebook, do you feel as hollow as we do? It’s addictive, but meaningless. You watch a video, then another, and then ok - one more…

Facebook slanted their content algorithm towards video early last year, as well as solidifying their ‘pay to play’ model for brands and marketers to get their content spotted in their target audience’s newsfeeds.

One year on - where has this left us? What “valuable” content are we being served up as a result of the wizz kids on the left coast changing the rules of engagement?

… Frankly - bored with the repetition and constraints.

Ok, in fairness, Facebook have introduced a few new toys in the interim such as Facebook 360, Facebook Live and Facebook Canvas, which, hats off - we think is pretty cool, but still, you aren’t seeing it unless it’s been paid for by a brand with deep pockets.

So, besides restricting/dictating what content you get to see, the geek squad at mountain view have also told you how to express your emotions. Realising ‘Like’ wasn’t enough, they introduced a new suite of possibilities:

So, from the view of the punter, Facebook is deciding quite a few things for you.

On the flip side, the future is bright for marketers, and heck, we may as well take advantage of our colonial cousins’ cyber dominance.

With 1.94 billion active monthly users on facebook, an dial up in the sophistication of native analytics, and a promise to clean up the news feed - what’s not to miss. Check out this breakdown from @hootsuite of key features coming up in 2017.