Happy Holidays from Team DigitalParade

Happy Holidays from Team DigitalParade

When students in the year 2095 are sitting in history classes, no doubt, a look back to the start of the 21st century may glance over 2016 as ’that year’ - it all started with the loss of Bowie, our Star Man, and from there it turned into a bit of a falling comet.

Brexit then Trump then Andy Murray winning ‘personality of the year’ … again?? “What the hell were they thinking" will be the murmur across the classroom (if learning is still done in rows of desks and chairs by that time).

It’s not been all bad though - here’s the 3 things that we can celebrate and develop as we go into 2017…

  • Augmented reality started to be useful - With the launch of Snapchat Spectacles the integration of AR into fashion-wear has taken it’s first step onto the highstreet - it’ll now be a race for first past the post, and we’d like to see the likes of Burberry - digital icons in their own right, embrace this
  • Opportunity for all with accessible tech - DigitalParade hosted ’The Future of Music’ event this year, where we examined the industry all the way from Artist to punter, looking at how music is produced and consumed. The tools that were once the play thing of the elite are now in the hands of anyone with a Mac and affordable (but powerful) audio software, such as Logic Pro X (our personal fav) 2016 was a flat note for ‘anthems’ but we’re excited to see what the next wave of talent will reveal in 2017

  • Marketing channels are catching up with consumer demands and technology - 2017 will be the year of video and experiential marketing. With all social platforms (finally) getting the picture (pun) that video is the best form of content, agency and brand managers will continue adopting this medium in a brand awareness and lead nourishment effort. Video is starting to have tangible (measurable) business outcomes, and we see this developing even further in 2017, with dial up on VR and video budget allocations.

The year is finished, kick back, slip on your embarrassing Crimbo jumper, enjoy the minced pies and mulled wine over the festive season, and let’s jump two feet first into 2017, confident that the only way is up!


David and Jay