Top 5 creatives of the year… so far

Top 5 creatives of the year… so far

At DP, we focus on Digital marketing, Social media and Video as our three main outputs; all fitting snuggly under the umbrella of a ‘Content marketing strategy’.

Knowing where you play strong allows you to keep your focus as a creative digital agency, HOWEVER the end audience (and sometimes even clients) don't group you this way. They see a campaign rollout in any number of channels, and associate them collectively.

With all of our campaigns, we are cognisant of looking beyond our remit of Web, SoMe and rich media, to advise and plan for how best we can piece everything together across events, PR, print and ATL, to deliver the strongest audience engagement possible.

With this in mind, we keep on the pulse with what's happening around us, and the team here have collated our top 5 for creative that has come from brands and fantastic creatives from the past year - would any of these make your list?

Creative 5

Coca Cola | ‘Pool Boy’

Tapping into the rising awareness of equality and representation of the LGBT community within media, Coca Cola hit a home run, taking one of their most iconic advertising pillars ‘ The diet coke man’ and bringing it up to date into 2017. Particular credit goes to mummy beating these two young'ins to the punch.

Check the ad out here:

Creative 4

Netflix | ‘Underwood + Souza’

For the launch of the latest installment of modern cult classic, House of Cards, Netflix had to try and top it’s “FU 2016” campaign. The network created quite the buzz around Washington DC with a mocked press junket featuring it's leading man, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), being captured by the enlisted Pete Souza - President Obama’s chief official White House photographer. "We create the chaos"!

Creative 3

Audi | ‘ Nothing to prove’

Ever see an Audi switching lanes at speed? Tearing through traffic lights? Cutting people up?

…It’s because they can.

And this is exactly what the new Audi RS 5 Coupé advert taps into. Shot beautifully, counterintuitive from the start, and saying everything without saying anything. Simple, clean and cool… just like the car and brand.

Check the ad out here:

Creative 2

Sony Playstation | Gravity cat

Launching their new game title, 'Gravity Daze 2' for Playstation, the viewer is dropped into the regular Tokyo apartment of two sisters. True to the game title, things go a little up in the air with this genius use of a tilting studio and a very cute little cat.

Watch and enjoy:

Creative 1

Problematic | ‘It takes one prick to pop your bubble”

We love a bit of tongue and cheek at DP ;-), and this display really tickled our funny bones, as well as meeting the criteria of our top 5 list in terms of creative execution and stand out. Comedian, Mosche Kasher attempts to unlock and expose some of society’s biggest ramblings, pulling them offline and into the living rooms of the show’s viewers. A bit of a flop in ratings but a cool idea and well designed print campaign with an attention grabbing strap-line and bubble wrap overlay.