UX - driving conversations and conversions

Digital design used to mean having a good looking website which, when a web page loaded, it appeared pretty and interesting, hiding away elements that could otherwise detract from the overall aesthetics.

One club door closes, a thousand app doors open

We’ve had to say goodbye to a few things this year in the UK … Brexit was our intention to divorce from the EU, Willy Wonka star Gene Wilder who many of us grew up with sadly died recently, and now, the fall of Fabric London, hot on the heels of its northern counterpart in Glasgow, The Arches.

The Future of Music

With summer around the corner, and the music festival season to accompany, we hosted a panel event in Glasgow’s ‘The Record Factory’ alongside co-sponsors The Agency Works and BIMA, to explore ‘The Future of Music’.

Launching BIMA GLA #BIMAThirstday

February 25th saw the launch of BIMA Glasgow with the first #BIMAThirstday. Attendance figures at The Drygate brewery swelled above 130, made up of Glasgow’s best and brightest in the digital marketing and creative industry.

#AWXII (1/3) - Advertising Week New York - key learnings

As we near the end point of #AWXII New York, we reflect on the key themes that have come to the fore, and the areas of focus (or re-focus) that marketers should be diverting their attention towards as we enter the next year of consumer engagement planning.

#AWXII (3/3) Advertising will become more intelligent to aid brands be more relevant

John Nitti of Zenith Media, outlined that going forward, programmatic advertising will be aided in a broadcast context, with a new focus on pulling the data inventory of broadcast programs, making this available to agencies to leverage going forward.

#AWXII (2/3) - Give your customers a consistent & connected multi-channel experience

“User journeys are no longer A-B, they are interrupted by new entry and exit points that never existed before”, tells Jim Butler, President at Isobar, at the Getty Images stage at B.B. King on 42nd Street.

New York - New year for Advertising

New York Advertising week is upon us, and DigitalParade are in attendance to hear from the top brass from around the industries to get their cut on where the market and consumers are at in terms of having a genuine ‘digital conversation’ with one another.

LinkedIn Groups - driving the conversation

Companies and brands see the ability to form a ‘community’ for sharing knowledge and learnings as the ultimate achievement. In B2B terms, this often defaults marketing strategists to turn to the platform where business folks spend their time networking online – LinkedIn.

Connected content for connected audiences

Connected communications require connected planning across channels in order to enable meaningful, natural and un-interrupted dialogue with your audience.