Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

When real life gets too tough why not step into augmented reality (AR)? AR is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time – using the existing environment and overlaying new information on top of it.  Virtual Reality (VR) seems similar to AR but they are not quite the same.  VR replaces the world around you with a simulated one, letting you experience a completely new world.  AR simply enhances your current perception of reality.

Niantic Labs, the creators of Pokemon Go, are soon to release a Harry Potter version to let the ordinary muggle (non-magic folk) experience the ‘wizarding' world.

With the great success of Pokemon Go, will Harry Potter’s AR game receive the same success rate?

In the first week of Pokemon Go’s release it was confirmed it broke the record for the most downloaded mobile app – although Apple will not release a concrete number. 

It generated $3.9-$4.9million in it’s first day alone! With the Harry Potter fan base just as large, it is possible upon release it could be breaking App Store records.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ will have a similar layout to Pokemon – a location-based, AR game – where it will send players to different places to learn spells and battle magical beasts and characters solo or by teaming up with other players.

Fighting creatures and characters will most likely be similar to catching Pokemon.  Pokemon Gym Battles could change to wizard duels where you rank up in wizarding experience.  Or maybe the creators will allow your phone to become your wand rather than swiping and tapping. 

With little information about the game we are still in the dark as to what to expect.  Hopefully it will be a bit more than Pokemon Go with Harry Potter characters in it, otherwise it may not hold players attention for long. 

We need a Time-Turner pendant (but for the future) so we can see the end result!